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Thank you for joining our Technology Group. We are excited to share ideas, learn from you and just support one another in the process of adding technology to our teaching toolbox.


Shelly Stanton
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Created: May 15 2011

Using DocHub with PDF files in Google

I have been using DocHub with PDF files with my students for almost a month. We have decided this is the way to go. There is no fee or upgrade account.

Filling in PDF worksheets with DocHub-Adding rubrics in Google Classroom

I found Doc Hub in the Chrome store. It allows you to write or draw on a pdf and then save to your 

Google classroom and pdf files

My classes and I have been experimenting with the www.notable extension and Google classroom.

Download Prezis

How do we download the Prezis mentioned in the curriculum?  Our internet is not fast or reliable and so I prefer to have everything already downloaded and ready to go. 

Chrome book integration with student workbook

Our students were issued chromebooks. They cannot edit the adobe files and save their changes for the student workbook.

Saving and Investing Ideas

I am looking for an activity/project (other than a stock market project) that involves saving and investing.... CD, Money Markets, 401K, Roth IRA, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds etc.....

glogster alternative

Is anyone familiar with an alternative for glogster? My schools system has a hard time supporting it because of all the graphics that students can put on it.

Digital Learning Day Feb 5 2014

Are you familiar with this initiative? Check out this site to learn more about a nationwide effort to embrace effective digital learning in all schools.


I use Socrative all the time for quick opinions from students, polls, quizzes, ticket-out-the-door. It's really easy to set up and use.

Discovery Education

If your school subscribes a great new feature has been added. Students can create boards just like glogster but they are secure within the site. Really some nice features.