Our Program

Curriculum Design

More than 75 lesson plans have been designed, tested, and edited in collaboration with university researchers, financial industry experts and our own Master Educator Teams of current classroom educators. Lesson plans are continuously updated, based on classroom feedback and current research, to incorporate new financial products and regulations.

Content lesson plans are available at the introductory (targeted at grades 7-9) and advanced (targeted at grades 10-12) levels. A variety of tools have also been developed to assist educators in customizing the Take Charge Today curriculum to their educational environment. Examples of resources include:

  • Active learning tools – activities to motivate students to fully engage in concepts and maximize knowledge retention.
  • Technology – suggestions for enhancing learning through the use of EdTech tools, tablet applications, online games, and videos.
  • Math – math reinforcement worksheets and lessons are available for several topics.
  • Language Arts – each lesson plan includes varied instructional strategies that promote the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Instructional Support

Whether an educator is incorporating Take Charge Today's free lesson plans into existing courses or teaching an entire course, resources are available to save educators time. Examples include:

  • National Standards – lesson plans are aligned to crosswalks for several national standards.
  • Course guides – interactive download pages with links to every lesson plan recommended for a variety of course lengths and resources to enhance a course are available.
  • Assessment – a variety of assessment tools including pre and post-tests, multiple choice test banks, simulations and project-based unit assessment tools are provided.

Professional Development

  • Take Charge Today hosts an online video library and free webinars for educators featuring nationally renowned experts and scholars covering and engaging in discussions of financial trends.
  • TC Today newsletters keep educators up-to-date on current financial topics in personal finance and how to integrate this information into the classroom.
  • Take Charge Today Facebook and Twitter accounts offer an immediate way to reach teachers with the latest news, resources, teaching tips and much more.
  • Take Charge Today’s educator trainings and interactive workshops are conducted throughout the nation, providing networking opportunities, connecting teachers to industry professionals and classroom experts who model lesson plan activities.


Other Features

Take Charge Today is a program of The University of Arizona. Located in the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom, the Take Charge Today program is founded on the idea that a university-based financial education outreach program can strengthen and extend the ability of schools and community organizations to improve the personal financial capabilities of young adults.