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Intuit EducationCheck out these real-world simulations from Intuit Education using Mint and TurboTax. The Mint simulations can be used as conclusion activities after teaching a Take Charge Today content lesson on the topics of saving, managing your money and credit. The TurboTax Simulation is an assessment option in the Paying Your Income Taxes lesson plan.

Mint Simulations

Download these 2 files and access the Mint Simulation:


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The Mint Simulation can be used as a conclusion activity after teaching these Take Charge Today lessons:

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Income and Expense Statement
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Credit Reports and Scores
Understanding Credit Cards








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TurboTax Simulation

Paying Your Income Taxes

There is a TurboTax educational simulation, which allows students to practice filing their income taxes with fictional W-2's. It ican be used as an assessment option after teaching the Paying Your Income Taxes lesson plan.

*For extra assistance, watch the TurboTax Simulation webinar